Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Resolutions!


With the name of Allah swt, most glorious and merciful...
I am not a Perfect Person, in fact i'm perfectly imperfect person.

Being perfect is not something i seek because is not possible.
But do you know what is?

Becoming a better Person
That something we can All Do! 
Becoming a Better Person that I was yesterday..
  is a beautiful promise i can make to myself!

I promise to be kind,
to be caring,
to be helpful,
to be respectful and to have self-respect,
to be generous and giving,
to be sincere & selfless,
to be forgiving and accepting,
to be humble & honest,
to be courageous & loyal,
to have more faith in myself and others,
to be more confident & brave,

But the Most important of all
and when it feels hopeless,
I will tell myself to try one more time,
and have faith.

I Promise myself to No longer living in darkness,
but surround myself with light.
Only then, can I truly shine bright, like Stars.

Whenever u look up at the night sky to see the stars,
it takes millions of years for their light to reach us,
So, we end up seeing are memories from the past.

But it doesn't matter, because all we care about is what's right in front us,
a beautiful shinning Star, not the past but the present!
a gift.
the past is behind, only look back when you want to learn from it,
and when you ready, lets a ll move forward towards the lights,
lighting up the night like stars, so that we can help others find their way in darkness!


3 Sweet Words:

Rara Nasiha said...

Insyallah, segala yang diimpikan akan tercapai. :)

Deq's Qienz said...

kiut pic tuh..

Myra Jay said...

Cuit Taylors University :D